3 New Releases from EEE Recordings

A Njiijn full-length (Roots to the Sky...), a Njiqahhda EP (Valsuaarpormiis)and a Njiqahhda "single" (Nji Taaevaasti Vortaa Est Flaami) which includes the track from the Hypnotic Dirge compilation posted below and a brand new exclusive song.  The Njiijn album is 70 minutes long and definitely will take you on a trip.  According to Jon over at The Inarguable (great blog), the Njiqahhda EP (37 minutes is pretty damn good foran EP, if I do say so myself) is an impressive ride as well.  I'm looking forward to hearing all of these.  Get them all for a reduced price (only $25, shipping included) over at EEE Recordings.

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