Aelter: "Aelter II" LP DIE HARD

If you like the first Aelter record, there's little doubt you'll like this one as well.  This die-hard edition is super limited - only 85 were pressed, and the band has about 20 left, so get moving if you want one. Comes with a patch and a two-sided poster, if you need the deal sweetened a bit. Go here for audio samples and for ordering details.

They had some pretty rad shirts printed too - for Aelter and Wolvserpent. Check out all the great stuff they have available over at the Wolvserpent store. I particularly like the Blood Seed tee-shirt, pictured above.  This stuff won't last forever, so get a move on.


Anonymous said...

I think you mean "There's little doubt you WON'T like this one as well".

Anonymous said...

Or maybe I'm retarded....DHUWIHDUIS