Arktika, "At Zero" 2xLP

I had no idea this band existed until I read the post that our friends over at OMG Vinyl did for them a week or so ago, but now I'm really thankful that I learned about them because their new album At Zero is brilliant.  Elements of hardcore, post-rock, doom, and even a bit of screamo converge to make up this German band's formidable repertoire. I hate to make the comparison to Envy, because few bands will live up to that sort of standard, but if there is a band that will, it is Arktika.  You can check out the band in a few different places: their myspace, as well as their website. Once you've decided you've heard enough, head over to their webstore and order At Zero on vinyl. Double 180 gram colored vinyl, gorgeous gatefold packaging, the whole shebang. And limited to 300 copies, so get one now.

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Grimlin said...

maybe its just me, but they sort of remind me of fall of efrafa. good stuff.