Ehnahre, "Taming the Cannibals"

The second full length from Boston's Ehnahre is finally here, and I challenge you to find a better doom album to come out this year. Be ready to be shot down, because this is incredible.  Intelligent yet filthy.  Jazzy and avant, but sludgy and brutal all the same.  Ehnahre features former members of Kayo Dot and Biolich, so that may explain to you why this would be such a challenging release.  Don't take that the wrong way - it's not difficult to listen to (I've got it on repeat right now), but it is difficult to predict. As I played this the first time, I had no idea where it was going, and still have no idea what to expect from it.  Serious mindfuck, in the absolute best sense.

You can check out the band here, and I strongly suggest you head over to Crucial Blast to pick this up right now.  Four panel digipack, eight page booklet.  Absolutely fucking fundamental.

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