Eibon, "Entering Darkness + Self Titled EP" Cassette

The awesome folks at Media Tree Recordings have issued an amazing cassette featuring French doomsters Eibon's two albums - both the self titled EP from 08/09 and this year's outstanding Entering Darkness.  90 minutes of pure blackened doom. This is limited to 100, available only from Media Tree, and comes in a handmade, hand-numbered cardboard case.  If you're not familiar with Eibon, check out the songs on their myspace page. I think you'll have a hard time being unimpressed. Heavy as hell.

Also, if you're ordering this, you may want to check out the Boneblack demo cassette that Media Tree is distributing.  Boneblack is an anarchist crust band based out of Montreal, and this tape is pretty awesome, so I'd recommend it.  Order both or either of these by emailing Media Tree at mediatreerecords@gmail.com.


Grimlin said...

my tape actually just arrived today. it was well worth the purchase.

Grimlin said...

eibon that is.

Anonymous said...

Folks should check out Morgan's old black metal / goth band Fuckmorgue. I posted the tracks off their cd on my ne'er updated blog here: