Free Compilation Downloads from Hynpotic Dirge and Meteor City

Pardon me for combining these two compilations into one post, but my time is limited and I wanted everyone to be aware of these.
First, a MASSIVE compilation is available for free download from Hypnotic Dirge Records, one of the finest labels for dark music of various sorts (notably, ambient and metal). This features audio, video and text files, which explains the rather considerable size of the download. It is their second annual compilation download, and we can only hope that this continues to be an annual project, because both are great. Get the latest one here.

Melancholic Epiphony: The Trance Formation is Shattered

I - The Foetal Mind - Big Crunch (5:11)
II - Funereal - Of That Which Lies Beneath... (6:01)
III - Funeral Fornication - Stargates Eternal Beheld My Nightmares (6:45)
IV - Exiled From Light - We Writhe As Worms (12:18)
V - netra - Outside...Alone (9:18)
VI - Ancient Tundra - The Shimmering Radiance of a Thousands Stars (6:59)
VII - Njiqahdda - Nji taaevaasti vortaa est flaami (9:59)
VIII - Neige et Noirceur - Croix de Feu, Croix de Fer (13:25)
IX - Funeral in Heaven - Bhandhana [Gatahaththey Katha Wasthuwa] (12:39)
X - Autaric - Cremation Divine (3:22)
XI - Old Forgotten Lands - Hour of the Wolf (5:33)
XII - netra - La Page (Music Video)
XIII - Njiqahdda - Nji taaevaasti vortaa est flaami (Music Video)
XIV - Old Forgotten Lands - Hour of the Wolf (Music Video)
XV - The Foetal Mind - La Corde Rouge (Music Video)
XVI - Exiled From Light - There is no beauty left here...(Promo Video)
XVII - The Foetal Mind - The Grand Contraction (Promo Video)
XVIII -'The Origin of Values' Essay by: N. Skog
XIX -'The Bleak House' Short story by: Vultyrous
XX -'Nji taaevaasti vortaa est flaami' by: Njiqahdda
Total Audio Playing Time: 91:30
Total Video Playing Time: 30:17  
Total File Size: 468.08 MB

You see why I said "massive," right?

Second, the good folks over at Meteor City (the same people that bring you the All that is Heavy distro) have made available their double CD compilation available for free download. A total of 20 heavy tracks from stoner-rock and doom favorites such as Black Pyramid, Farflung, and others.  Get it here.

1. Mental Models (Snail)
2. Visions of Gehenna (Black Pyramid)
3. Endless Drifting Wrecks (Farflung)
4. I am the Raptor (Leeches of Lore)
5. All Costs (Let the Night Roar)
6. Chemical Restraint (Village of Dead Roads)
7. White Walls (Elder)
8. Today (Dead Man)
9. Running Out (Valkyrie)
10. Universal (Freedom Hawk)
11. Enough is Not Enough (Nightstalker)
12. Tears of the Moon (Eighteen Wheels Burning)
13. Pursuit of Yeti (New Keepers of the Water Towers)
14. A Tiempo (Humo del Cairo)
15. Gitanoss (Ararat)
16. Nero D'avola (SardoniS)
17. The Return of Phoenix (WhiteBuzz)
18. Queen of All Time (Red Giant) (Egypt)
19. Atlantis (Flood)
20. March Toward Your Doom (Crushed Skulls)

You've got to love it when labels are kind enough to give something back, so always keep these guys in mind.  Enjoy!

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