Necrokast Podcast

The supreme overlords of awesomeness that bring you PAGAN FLAMES are now happy to bring to you, free of charge, NECROKAST.

In their words:

"Necrokast is a new podcast from the GENIUSES behind Pagan Flames.  We wanted to have a forum where we could share some of our favorite underground black metal music and share our thoughts, discuss the music and hopefully open a lot of killer bands to a much wider audience.  Each Necrokast is about an hour long and we hope to be able to bring these to you at least once a month.

Each Necrokast will be free for download and is full of awesome varied metal artists, regular recurring features: Demos, Ripping vinyl rips, Random grabs, hilarious 90's metal classifieds / singles ads and a lot more.  We obviously focus mainly on black metal but we'll definitely throw in some death, doom, thrash, occasional exclusive recordings, etc.  We'd like to be able to conduct interviews eventually as well.  All podcasts will be free, you can download them to your iPhone, iPod, Zune, basically anything that will play an MP3.  You could even burn them to a cd and take them on tour or give them to a friend, send them to a priest and tell him to bleed for satan!  Makes great stocking stuffers!

Our motivation is simply our love of all things metal.  Necrokast is only loosely affiliated with Pagan Flames and is in NO WAY being used to sell or promote our releases.  If you are a label or band that has been featured on a Necrokast and wish not to be, please let us know.  If you would like to send a demo in to be featured on a forthcoming Necrokast, email us at"

Sounds pretty damn awesome to me. Now stop chewing on that turkey leg and go here for more info and to download Necrokast #1.