New Prints Available from Viraloptic

If you're finally ready to stop being a sissy and make your walls look rad, this is for you. Two new prints are available for sale from HSS friend Viraloptic.  Kevin did a great job on these - especially the Triptykon one. He summed that one up to Tom G. Warrior thusly:  

"It plays on the concept of Earthly chaos and the "perfection process" and end-result(s) birthed from chaos (hence the symbolic diamonds @the stumps of the severed arms I illustrated, gripping each other into formation; It can also be interpreted as an icon of awakening in modern-times of madness and struggle as primitive conquerors within."

Pretty intense.  Pay Kevin some respect in the comments section of this post, and pay him some cash over here.

Seriously, they'll look awesome, and you know it, so what are you waiting for?

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