New Releases from Servile Sect

Two new releases from the amazing New York-California by way of Arizona band Servile Sect. Servile Sect play a very experimental brand of blackish metal that you won't find elsewhere. It's noise, it's ambient, it's psychedelic, and it's downright weird - but it is metal in one way or another.  And it is always incredible.

First up, the folks at Ecstatic Peace have released Realms of the Queen.  8 songs, just over 43 minutes of densely layered music. Recommended for everyone, but especially for fans of Menace Ruine or Nekrasov.

Second, Senseless Empire has released a cassette, limited to 80 copies, called Eternal Mind.  I haven't heard this yet, but it promises to be outstanding. According to the Senseless Empire site: "Some Norwegian, moonlit forest vibes here but also lots of weird bubbling analog and digital sounding electronics under the surface. Seriously creepy music that sounds channeled rather than executed."

So there ya go.  Probably my last post before Thanksgiving, so enjoy your holiday.

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