News on Music Ruins Lives, Airs

A couple of great new preorders have gone up over at Music Ruins Lives. First, a cassette by experimental noise musician George Royle, also known as Greys.  You can hear samples of Greys' work at the Music Ruins Lives SoundCloud page. A short cassette, but limited to 25 copies, and I understand they're almost gone already, so hustle if you want this one.

Second, the latest in a string of excellent releases by San Francisco's AirsRainclouds over the Remains of Hope can be preordered now, along with the Greys cassette, but if you want to check it out before you buy it, you can here a sample at the above linked SoundCloud page or go to the Airs Bandcamp page to stream the entire album.

In more Airs-related news, Verwustung's Serpent Spine Productions label has a new sampler out that you can check out here and download here.  Really interesting stuff, including some Airs material, so check it out. It's free, what have you got to lose?

 Lastly, Verwustung himself has released a solo album of highly improvised instrumental black/doom metal. You can grab a free download at the Verwustung BandCamp page, but if you want to support independent music as we all do, you can get a cassette version for only $3. Verwustung is going to be playing some shows in early 2011 to support the album, but if you can't make it to a show, he'll be posting recorded versions on the bandcamp page.

Lots of great stuff here - enjoy!

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Gal said...

Verwustung is such an amazing artist, both solo and with Airs

Thanks for Greys, I'll check'em up