Theologian, "The Further I Get From Your Star, The Less Light I Feel On My Face"

Where to start with this one... well, first off, it's amazing. Nearly 80 minutes traveling with Mr. Lee M. Bartow (aka Leech) through a dreadfully bleak vortex of various sounds. It could easily fit in various genres, sub genres or categories - ambient, drone, power-synth-electronics, industrial, noise, etc - but it could and does just as easily cast them all aside for their irrelevance, instead latching onto a clearer yet somehow painfully less concise vision of the truth that the album seems to be searching for in one manner or another: it is what it is. Illuminate darkness. Nothing more. Nothing less.

It is beautiful, and at the same time disturbing and offensive for what it has the power to reveal.  It is cathartic in that manner, but can also force us to turn away in fear of what we may see.

There is a path, there is a goal. You may just have to fly through some pretty sick shit to get there. But rest assured that when you arrive on the other side, you'll be better for getting there. This is an intense experience, but one that I can only recommend.

Check out Leech's Annihilvs (his label) blog here.  From there, you can get to various other aspects of this brilliant artist. The Theologian myspace is only one of those sites. This is another. Prepare yourself.

And of course, get the CD or digital download (seriously, get the CD) from Crucial Blast.  Amazing oversized digipack CD with striking artwork. Shirts, buttons, and posters are available as well.

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