Three New Vinyls on Ominous Domain


Oh fuck yeah.  Here it comes folks... those Blut Aus Nord reissues on vinyl that were promised are coming... and soon.  Debemur Morti is issuing 2001's The Mystical Beast of Rebellion on a gatefold 2xLP and the essential Ultima Thulee (1995) on a single vinyl.  No special colors here, no elaborate packing, it would seem - just crucial black metal - on black vinyl.  Also, October Falls' latest album A Collapse of Faith is also getting the vinyl treatment, which is always fitting for their particular brand of hypnotic dark metal.

All three of these are fundamental - there's no way around it. These should be available for shipping in mid-December, but you can get your pre-orders in now. In Europe, get them from Debemur Morti (link above), and in the States, go to Ominous Domain. And waste no time about it, for these will surely be limited and highly sought-after.

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