Urfaust, "Der Freiwillige Bettler" LP Pre-Order

Fuck yeah, new Urfaust!!! Pre-orders are being taken now for their new album, Der Freiwillige Bettler.  Delirious occult black metal never sounded so damned good. If you know these guys, you know they don't make bad records, and you know that no one quite does what they do. Lots of bands make black metal, but Urfaust puts a unique spin on it - it's not symphonic, it's not psychedelic, but it's kind of both. I can't quite explain it, so you'll just have to listen to them to figure it out. Words wound;t really do it justice anyway.

Van Records is taking preorders for this album and all the merch that goes with it-backpatches, t-shirts, etc. It's available as a CD as well as two different vinyl editions.

The "Clochard edition" (top pic):
- alternative cover artwork
- special clipcoard jacket with black print and oldschool round corners
- huge poster, 90x120cm,
- limited edition in grey vinyl

Or, for a few euros more, the "Intoxication edition":
- oldschool gatefold jacket made of leather look-alike cartonstock
- with embossing and metallic red hotfoil print
- 12" booklet with some lyrics, info and impressions
- limited edition in red vinyl

You can't go wrong either way, as could be expected.  Go here to pre-order.

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