Utech Records: November

In addition to the previous post for the new Locrian's The Crystal World, there are more new releases on the way from Utech Records.

Tetragrammaton's Point of Convergence marks the fifth release in Utech's Shokyo Ontei series. GOG return with Heavy Fierce Brightness: Spells of the Sun, their second release with the label. Daniel Menche also returns with his second Utech release, Terre Paroxysm. Mamiffer and House of Low Culture, the projects of Faith Coloccia and Aaron Turner, are releasing the CD version of their split record through Utech and the vinyl version via Sige Records. And finally, the last 50 copies of Architeuthus Rex's Dark as the Sea are being sold with alternate artwork.

These new releases feature fantastic artwork from the likes of Justin Bartlett, Terence Hannum, Christopher Colville, Are Mokkelbost and Kengo Matsuda.

Due to high demand, Utech has set up a pre-order page, where you can find information and samples for all of the new releases. The pre-order is available until November 23rd, which is when all pre-ordered items will ship. If you miss the pre-order, everything will be on sale normally on the 27th.

Do yourself a favor and pick up these new releases. You won't be disappointed.

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