Deathsmile Cassettes

Our friend Beau has some AMAZING cassettes up for sale over at Deathsmile. They're all highly limited so if you want any of these you'd best act quickly.

Wolfherrr's The Blackness of Night came out looking and sounding awesome. Raw black metal from Brazil. I can't help but love this.

Austerity's self-titled cassette practically defines winter. Slow, frostbitten ambient doom of the highest quality. Highest recommendation on this. Tis the season, at least here in the northeast it is - a foot of snow just got dropped a couple of days ago and the fierce northern winds continue to blow it around. This music was made for days like this.

Near-legendary CDr by Sports, titled Black Note Saga Vol. 1: The Grimmisphere, featuring two of the fine gentlemen from Pallbearer, now on cassette. Amazing.

Beau may or may not also have a Corrupted CS available as well. You'll have to ask him about it if you're interested.

This is all great stuff, as should be expected from our comrade. Once again, the link: DEATHSMILE.


sunyata said...

I've had the Austerity album on CD for quite some time now and it gets better with every listen. The perfect sort of album for an analogue release.

vasiliy said...

man, can you please give me e-mail of Deathsmile Cassettes label? because his blog is not working anymore..
maybe he still has Corrupted tape.... i need it! help please!