Heaven in Her Arms, "Paraselene" 2xLP

Another record that has just blown me out of the water and left my jaw hanging wide open.  Japanese post-hardcore bares some similarities to Envy of course, but you'll never mistake it for Envy when you listen. The vocals take on a different sound, and the atmospheres that reside on this album are thicker and even more beautiful than those found on Envy records.  My guess is that if you like Envy, you'll like this, but the comparisons aren't really fair, because Heaven in Her Arms (named after the Converge song, I'd imagine) are definitely doing their own thing, bringing their own unmistakable intensity and passion. I absolutely love this album, and I really hope that you will too.

Available now for preorder from Denovali in double vinyl as well as CD format, but if you know Denovali, you know they do vinyl really, really well.  There are a couple of really nice editions of this record that you can order, as well as a t-shirt.  If you just want to hear some of the band's stuff, go here, but if you've been waiting for this like I have, just go here and preorder it now. ALso, you can get more details on the album and listen to a couple of tracks here.

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