New Stuff From Khrysanthoney/Starlight Temple Society

As you can see in the above photo, there is some sweet new stuff available from Khrysanthoney - the new (and final) recording from Clair Cassis as well as the re-release of Velvet Cacoon's classic Dextronaut. Both are available now on CD, but will be issued on vinyl in January of 2011.  Dextronaut will be a 2xLP - a format it should have been on a long time ago.  So psyched that this is getting done.

 Also, three absolutely essential releases from the enigmatic Starlight Temple Society. First, the culmination of a project that has been in the making for quite some time, and one that I'm freaking thrilled about - Nightbringer's Emanation CD. This CD brings together Nightbringer's demos as well as some rare and unreleased stuff.  A must-have if there ever was one.

Second, the debut album from Temple of Not, titled Μέλαινα Τάξις τοῦ Θανάτου, or B.O.T.  Temple of Not is the terror machine of Naas Alcameth from Nightbringer and Akhlys, so you know this is going to be amazing. The Temple of Not material on the Rex Ex Ordine Throni double split LP (with Nightbringer) from 2005 is unbelievable, so this can only destroy. A long time coming as well.

Third, the debut album from atmospheric black metal band Void of Reveries, titled Silenti etc es tantum Quietus. This is highly textured, highly addictive stuff, so beware: once you start playing it, you won't want to stop.

These are all highly limited, so get your butt over to the STS/Khrysanthoney store to purchase any and all of these. The prices can't be beat, so get these while you can.

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