Stephen Kasner needs your help.

As reported on Invisible Oranges, artist/musician/friend of HSS, Stephen Kasner, is experiencing a medical emergency, and he needs your help. He has asked, out of privacy considerations, that his condition be withheld. His statement is below:

Stephen Kasner has recently been diagnosed with some serious medical issues. Like many artists who lack the benefit of medical insurance, he pushed the situation aside until it became unavoidable. Emergency care has been initiated, but he is not out of the woods yet, and his continued care is extremely necessary – hence this call for aid to friends, admirers of his art, and comrades alike.

There are two ways to help.

1. The first is a direct donation by PayPal to Times are tough, so no amount is too small. If 1,000 people give $5 each, that goes a long way. Depending on his health, Kasner will do drawings/sketches for all who donate.

2. The second is to purchase merch from Kasner. He has two stores, a main one and one for his Blood Fountains musical project. You can buy books, album art prints, CD’s, silkscreens, posters, and more. They make great gifts for this holiday season.

Send a screenshot of your donation to Cosmo at Invisible Oranges before December 17th, and you will be entered in a drawing to win a hardback copy of Stephen's art book, WORKS: 1993-2006, with his autograph and a one-of-a-kind drawing on the inside cover. For more information, check the Invisible Oranges link at the beginning of this post.

Please donate if you can, and please spread the word so we can get Stephen the help he needs.


Krumbled Kookie said...

I was just coming here to post this. Thanks Chris.

Anonymous said...

Stephen Kasner and his wife, Rebecca, are con artists. They are frauds and they have been scamming and ripping people off for YEARS. Stephen’s “illness” is supposedly an upper respiratory issue that is only at the stage that it is at because he chose to ignore it and not seek medical help until it got worse – if he is even sick at all. I have known these people for years and I have kept my mouth shut long enough. They recently ripped off someone for several thousand dollars and are in the process of being sued and have criminal charges pressed against them. You don’t have to believe me, but go ahead – purchase something from them and see how quickly you get nothing and all contact is cut off completely.

It’s time that Stephen and Rebecca Kasner are exposed for the FRAUDS, CON ARTISTS, SCAMMERS, and LIARS that they are!

Wendell Swanson said...

Stephens manager, Robert C. Stephens has refunded my money that I had sent to Stephen Kasner almost 2 years ago. I advise you to contact Robert for your refund