Two New Releases from EEE Recordings

Presumably the last two releases of 2010 for one of HSS's favorite labels.  First, the latest from Oaks of Bethel, titled Two Rivers of Blood Flow From the Moon.  Hypnotic and aggressive black metal with the signature tortured vocals.

Second, the long awaited debut full-length from Louisville's Wheels Within Wheels. You may remember WWW from the 2009 split with Panopticon, which was solid material.  I'm willing to bet that this will be far better. Wesley Crow, the man behind WWW, also plays in Seidr with Austin from Panopticon, among others, so you know this guy has vision. I absolutely cannot wait to hear this.

You can preorder these both from EEE Recordings; the official release date is December 21st.

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Stoneborn Ravens said...

So incredibly stoked to hear The Shift.