2 New AMAZING Vinyls from Kreation Records

Seattle's Kreation Records has come up big this time, releasing two albums for the first time on vinyl... two albums that have been begging for a wax treatment for some time.

US Funeral Doom legends Evoken finally see their first release on vinyl - their 1994 demo Shades of Night Descending.  Heavyweight gatefold 2xLP - done the right way. Limited to 400 on black vinyl, and beer-colored splatter limited to 100.

Second, the 2007 three-way split  from Wyrd, Häive, and Kehrä- three Finish bands that make amazingly atmospheric black metal. This is an amazing split record, and it's great to see it finally get put to vinyl.  The photo above is not correct, but the Kreation site is having some issues right now so I can't load the right artwork. Again, 400 on black vinyl, 100 on clear with black splatter.

These are both available and shipping now, and you can order them from Kreation Records.

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