Nicholas Szczepanik - "Ante Algo Azul"

Sound artist and friend of the blog, Nicholas Szczepanik, has started work a new series a subscription-based releases. Entitled Ante Algo Azul, the series will consist of twelve 3" CDr releases, each limited to 100 copies. Each CDr will be hand-wrapped in paper, and will occasionally include bonus items such as photographs or poetry.

Subscriptions are $125 for those in the USA, and $150 for international subscribers. [Update: Nicholas has added a quarterly payment option for potential subscribers. You can now buy the 12-disc set in four installments of $31.25 in the US or $37.50 worldwide.]

Orders can be placed at the Ante Algo Azul page on Nicholas' site, where the first recording of the series, "Not Knowing (For Elaine Radigue)," can also be streamed in it's entirety.

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