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Here's an essential update on some things coming soon from Adam over at Gilead Media.  Both of these are albums that you absolutely cannot miss out on on, or you'll be kicking yourself (assuming someone else won't be kicking you already) for quite some time...  Both hit the streets on March 15, 2011, so set your alarms...

Yes, that's the cover art from the forthcoming vinyl release of Fell Voices' second untitled album. The first one was released via Human Resources in 2009, and this was actually self-released on CDr by the band on their tour last year, but now is getting a bigger, more "proper" release on vinyl from Gilead.  If you've heard the songs, you know they're amazing.  And trust me, they'll sound even better on vinyl. This is from the Gilead press release:

Over the past few years there has been a growing group of young US black metal bands mixing numerous elements from punk, atmospheric metal and doom scenes to create an updated brand of black metal that is more diverse and dynamic than much of what came before. Fell Voices are a band from Santa Cruz, CA that are on the leading edge of this movement, creating moody epics that invoke only the darkest of thoughts. The band has gained a great deal of momentum over the past couple years with a full length LP release on Human Resources records and a split cassette release with fellow Californians, Ash Borer (coming soon to vinyl via Gilead Media/Eternal Warfare). Fell Voices are a band that have been focusing their energies and building their power, this LP shows them unleashing that energy upon the world.

Can't wait for it...

Also coming on Gilead is the latest slab of ultra-heavy, pummeling and crushing sludge from Wisconsin's Northless (check their Facebook page too - they update that one while the myspace is sort of dead). Clandestine Abuse will be unleashed on the world on a double LP, and your record player will be lucky to survive. From Gilead:

Since I've been running this label there's been very few times in my life that I've been witness to such a crushing sludge metal band live. Northless blew my mind the first time I saw them as a four-piece in a bar full of punks and metal dudes near my home in Wisconsin. It was a frigid night, but the warmth of the amps inside was all we needed. With "Clandestine Abuse" the band's intensity is captured on record, at long last. Since adding two additional members to the lineup (the band started as guitar/drum duo) Northless has expanded on their original style of atmospheric sludgy metal and gone beyond the barrier that holds lesser bands back. This progression enabled Northless to break through into new territory and write truly exceptional songs, more focused, more dense. "Clandestine Abuse" might be one of the most misanthropic, angst-filled albums I've ever heard, but it never fails to instill a feeling of hope in the listener. A hope that a band can draw upon familiar influences and personal experiences, draw on them and combine them to create something that breaks the mold of slow & heavy music.

When I say this is heavy, I mean HEAVY.  It will destroy your home, your town, your whole state.  I've listen to this 3 times in the last 15 hours and it's kicked my ass every time. Can't recommend this one enough.

Like I said above, these are both must-have albums.  I'll post on these again when they're out... this was just to whet your appetite.

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