Hell I LP

Apparently the theme of today is HEAVY. This album from Salem, Oregon's Hell, which was originally released on cassette by Woodsmoke, and later made available on cassette by Eternal Warfare, now sees the light of day on a limited vinyl release from Pesanta. Black and blood-red semi-translucent wax and comes with a 36" x 24" poster. Download card as well. This is one of the heaviest pieces of drone-doom you'll ever hear, I guarantee it. It's also quite dark. Duh. This should go fairly quickly (limited to 322), so if you have the means, get on this now. If you don't have the means, go into an FYE, stab someone that's buying a Nickelback CD, take their cash, and order this now. Well-worth the jail time.

HELL - I: Deflagatio (Preview) from Adam Torruella on Vimeo.

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