Negative Plane, "Stained Glass Revelations"

Nearly 5 years since the first album was dropped upon an unsuspecting public, Negative Plane return with a new killer album of black metal that reveals to us why there so much time between records: it takes time and dedication to make a record this good. The songwriting and musicianship have evolved into something that is by all means black metal, but a darker, heavier, more intricate and oppressive black metal - indeed this is a form of blackness that many have tried to conjure. Only this time, Negative Plane have gotten it right. I don't care to reveal too much about this record, because it will pay off for you to buy it and experience it yourself, but I will leave it at this:

The devil is in the details...

The vinyl edition will be available in March, but right now you can and should order the CD from The Ajna Offensive.

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Anonymous said...

Incredible album. Highest recommendations to all.