Nekrasov, "In Solitude and Darkness, the Last Step is Made" CDr

The next stage of Nekrasov's revelation of utter VOID is nigh... and I've been promised it is not what any of us expect.  Last year's Extinction was an amazing embodiment of pure, black and dense VOID, and I'm just not sure what to expect of this, except that it will be excellent.  As detailed on the Nekrasov blogspot, we should expect to hear an "anti-majestic void liberation / inner and outer abandon in sound." 

One track. One hour, eight minutes, and eight seconds. CDr coming soon on a young label that demands your attention: VOID SEANCE. This CDr is limited to a mere 40 copies, and while Nekrasov's pre-orders are sold out, you can preorder it with VOID SEANCE and support the label by emailing Evan.

As always, you can download and stream previous void exploration at the Nekrasov bandcamp.

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