Ophidian Forest

Ophidian Forest is a band whose two releases I've been digging for about a month now, after finally getting a chance to listen to them.  This is pagan, heathen black metal of a very high quality. Interestingly, the band's members hail from three different parts of the planet - The Netherlands, Croatia, and the USA - and the variety of influences that the individual members bring to the table can be heard across the two albums. But don't take that to mean that this is anything but chaotic pagan black metal. Chaotic is the operative term there, because chaos is what seems to propel this music. The riffs are fantastic, the synths are at times very prominent, but never overstated, and the vocals have an unearthly, almost possessed quality that dials up the insanity. This is highly recommended. The latest album, Plains, can be purchased at Favonian, here. The first album from 2008, Redbad, can be had here.  For more info, you can check out the band at their official website, here.


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