Planning for Burial, "Untitled" CD

Originally intended to be a 7", this has instead been released by Music Ruins Lives as a CD. The upside of it coming out on a CD is that it contains a long, extended version of the song "Leaving."  From MRL:

"The literal "missing link" between the lumbering doom compositions of Leaving (Enemies List) and the dark keyboard-driven drone pop of last year's split with Lonesummer (MRL02). Written and recorded at various points between September 2009 and April 2010, finally completed for consumption January 2011. One track of crushing riffs, blackened screams and swelling synths, followed by an organ-driven slow jam. Contains an extended version of the drone piece "Leaving" as a exclusive to the physical version, meaning it won't be available on the digital download.

Pure white CD in plastic sleeve, professionally printed insert and a photocopied lyric sheet to mimic the look of the original intended 7" version."

Buy one now. Get the Airs CD too, if you haven't already. It's still amazing.

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