Handmade Birds

Whilst working on a collaboration with Wraiths, a split with Mamiffer, a split/collaboration with Horseback, a new full-length record from Pyramids, and releasing and promoting records from his Pyramids side-projects, Sailors With Wax Wings and White Moth, Pyramids mastermind R. Loren has somehow managed to find time for another ambitious project, this time, in the form of Handmade Birds, a new record label which launched yesterday.

Their diverse roster already includes Campbell Kneale's projects, Black Boned Angel and Our Love Will Destroy The World, French avant-garde black metal band, Blut Aus Nord, Barn Owl's Evan Caminiti, one-man funeral doom band, Celestiial, Finland's Circle of Ouroborus and CoO/Somnivore side-project, Key, Western drone/dark ambient artist, William Fowler Collins, black metal/post-punk band, Crooked Necks and Crooked Necks harsh noise/power electronics side project, Hostage Pageant, experimental rock band, His Name is Alive, North Carolina doom/noise band The Human Quena Orchestra, ambient post-rocker Jasper TX, harsh noise wall pioneer, The Rita, psychedelic black metallers, Servile Sect, Christopher Walton's dark ambient project, TenHornedBeast, and Brooklyn-based dark electronic duo, White Ring.

The Handmade Birds Records store has a number of upcoming vinyl, CDs and books available for pre-order, as well as a nice selection of distributed titles previously released Handmade Birds artists. Check out the label's website and keep your eyes peeled for more new releases and updates from Handmade Birds.


N. said...

This is unbelievable.

Krumbled Kookie said...

Yeah, I had no idea about this. Thanks Chris!