Korperschwache, "Evil Walks"

Korperschwache have been releasing albums for imprint Crucial Bliss for almost ten years; now they've apparently graduated to "the bigs" as they say, as this new album of theirs is the first they've done for underground juggernaut Crucial Blast.

This is a very dark, eerie, and haunting record. No matter how much I say about it, I don't think one can really be prepared for it. It's not overly dark, nor is it overly noisy, as I was perhaps expecting.  But the blakkened noise is an integral part of what this album is communicating. What caught me off-guard and really left me feeling unbalanced by the time the album was over (after eight songs and 60 minutes) was just how rhythmic it is. The industrial drum-machine beats borrow from Godflesh, and stand at the forefront of the entire album, despite how minimal they truly are. The driving rhythms maintain the cohesiveness of the record, and manage to reel in the morbidity of the songs before things get out of hand. Themes dealt with include murder and burning; those themes, in combination with the simple riffs, the noise, the howling vokills, and the apparent horror-film samples and new-bites, make this album a long journey through the most demented parts of the human psyche. That said, though, it's also very intelligently done.

Words are failing me tonight; I can't really use words to help you understand what this sounds like anyway. Go to the album's page on Crucial Blast to hear samples, and then buy the CD. It comes in a nice digipack, complete with color artwork that compliments the album nicely and a ten-page liner-note booklet with lyrics and more pictures. This has the HSS stamp of approval and I highly recommend it to every damn one of you.

What's also quite... nice, I guess... is that you can download (for free, even) a set of songs meant to be a companion to this album, called Evil Crawls on the Korperschwache bandcamp page. Other fun stuff awaits you there as well.

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