New Releases from Hospital Productions

If you known anything at all about Hospital Productions, you know that their releases generally sell out very quickly, especially the limited cassette runs that they do. There are a couple of new cassettes up for order, so if you want them , act fast. One of them has already been taken down, so get moving if this stuff interests you.  The Vatican Shadow/Contrepoison split CS ought to be excellent, and I'm honestly surprised it's still available at this point.

Kevin Drumm's classic ambient electronic record Imperial Distortion will also be issued as a 3xLP by Hospital Productions in the coming month, probably in March. The preorder is available now, as is...

...the latest effort, and first on wax, from Raspberry Bulbs. Also a preorder, figures to ship at the same time as the Kevin Drumm 3xLP. Awesome stuff all around this time - go here to place your order.

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