o.68 - "Elend"

Wow. This is one of the albums that I may never heave heard of if I wasn't doing this blog. But I'm certainly glad I do because this is a great album. As you can tell from the photo of the album cover, o.68 means Odpörovät 68. Odpörovät is a Czech word that means "resistance" or "to resist."  The album title refers to the actions of the Czech people in Prague during the Spring of 1968... battling oppression, resisting tanks with their bare hands. That said, though, this album is not political in its concept. The title just captures the spirit of people remaining true to themselves as they resist pressures and manipulations from the outside.

This is an album of funeral doom/death dirges, slow and low and fairly raw. Particularly interesting is the fact that no guitars were used in the making of this album; the riffs are all played on bass. The influence of German expressionism and art-house films is also readily apparent. Bleak desperation is the feeling conveyed throughout the album, which contains 8 songs in 68 crushing minutes. There is also something painfully real about this album... I don't really expect you to know what I mean by that, but there is no other way I can put it... You'll understand when you hear the album.

You can hear clips of the album on the band's myspace page. When you're ready to make the purchase, go to Ominous Silence to pick this up.

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