Pre-Orders from Gilead Media and Halo of Flies

Pre-orders go up sometime tonight for the latest wax treats from Gilead Media. As I've posted on before, you'll be able to pre-order the Northless Clandestine Abuse 2xLP as well as the new Fell Voices Untitled LP. What I didn't mention before is the fact that the Fell Voices/Ash Borer split LP will be available for pre-order as well.  You'll be sad not to have any of these, I promise.

The Northless double LP is also available for pre-order from Halo of Flies, as is the debut 2xLP from England's Light Bearer, which features Alex from the now-fallen Fall of Efrafa. The two tracks playing on the band's myspace page are excellent, and fellow metal-blog Lurker did a nice write up on this band just last week, so this record is highly recommended.


Grimlin said...

know of any pictures for the Lightbearer vinyl colors? the choices they give all sound cool, and i can't decide which one to get.

Krumbled Kookie said...

Sorry, haven't seen them, honestly.