2 New ESSENTIAL Preorders from Handmade Birds

HSS friend R. Loren (of Pyramids, Sailors with Wax Wings, and White Moth) has two more offerings from his new label Handmade Birds up for pre-order. Both are essential.  The first you see above, and it is a reissue of the debut Celestiial album Desolate North. Originally pressed to a limited run of 1000 CDs by Bindrune in 2006, this album finally see the re-release is so desperately deserves - on vinyl. The music that Celestiial makes is often categorized as Funeral Doom, but that doesn't paint an accurate picture. The music is very slow, and often dirge-like, but everything you hear is very organic, filtered through the sounds of the forest.  Amazing and unique music that will make your turntable weep while delighting in the sounds of the wilderness.

The second pre-order is for King of Sweet, the classic compilation album by Michigan indie-rock gods His Name is Alive. There is no good way to describe what HNIA do - their music is all over the place, in more ways than one, and the songs on this album definitely fit that description as well, but I think that a lot of people who read this blog will be into this. Some will hate it, but the haters be damned - this is really, really good music. This will be released as a gatefold double LP limited to 250 copies, half in black, half in color-in-color black in swamp green.

For more info on these, go the Handmade Birds website, and to pre-order, go here.

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