2011 Releases from Fen

Early 2011 sees the release of two new albums from the UK's excellent atmospheric black metal band Fen, their first releases since 2009's beautiful album The Malediction Fields.

First, the full-length, titled Epoch. As I mentioned, The Malediction Fields was beautiful, but this release sees Fen involving more keyboards in the production of their wonderfully-crafted songs. The sadness and feeling of despair invoked by the keys and guitar tones is increased since their earlier works, and gives the album an atmospheric chill that we've not really heard before from Fen. The vocals add another texture to the album, and give the songs the bitter edge that keeps this in the realm of black metal. I have not been able to find this in any US distros yet, but you can preorder the artbook edition, which features a 40-page book with photos and other artwork in it, as well as two bonus songs, from The Omega Order. They won't have many, so if you want it, act fast. If you're desperate and can't wait for a US distro, you can also go to code666 to order it now.

Fen has also recently released their first split album, with Sweden's De Arma. I haven't heard this one in it's entirety, but the snippets I've heard are promising, and I'm anxiously awaiting this one. Also not available yet in US distros, but it can be ordered from Nordvis.

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