Ash Borer Cassette on Psychic Violence

New Ash Borer cassette, recorded late last year in Oakland. Limited to only 150, this will surely go quick, and for good reason. These guys have cornered the market on grim, bleak black metal. Everything they've done has been amazing. There is also a new t-shirt design available, as well as the Ash Borer/Fell Voices split LP put out by Eternal Warfare and Gilead Media. Out now on the band's own (I assume) Psychic Violence Records.


Sanakan said...

Thanks for the heads up! Ordered :D

Emil said...

This one went fast! Gone already. Thank the lords, I was able to aquire myself a copy yesterday. Looking forward to hearing this material. This is exactly the kind of posts HSS needs more of now a days, Head-ups on great underground black/death/hardcore/punk tapes. Not big label, well known artist, big releases statements.
Keep it underground, keep it analog!!

Meatbreak said...

Got my copy. This is incredible. I actually don't think this is very grim or bleak at all. Although the vocals and density of the music are quite overwhelming I find it more expansive sounding that bleak. Bleakness suggests no momentum to me, and when these tracks hit their stride they tear the air with speed.