Deafheaven, Roads to Judah LP

The debut full-length from San Francisco's Deafheaven, titled Roads to Judah, is now available for pre-order from the good folks over at Deathwish, Inc. Deafheaven create a dizzying array of black metal, hardcore, and shoegaze that will not only knock you on your ass, but mystify and hypnotize you as well. These guys are getting a lot of press of late, and they totally deserve it. Their live show has a reputation of being quite intriguing and intense as well, so if you happen to be out west, you should check them out ASAP.

Roads to Judah will be available in LP and CD formats, and if you order it now, you can get an instant download of the album. Deathwish always does a good job with their vinyl pressings, so that will be what I encourage, but you can't go wrong supporting this band however you can.

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