Destroy Judas, "Wake"

I know nothing about this except that it's really, really good. Oh, and the band is called Destroy Judas, and the album is called Wake. They may or may not be form Long Beach.  They play a very heavy and very bleak style of doom/sludge. Melancholy. And you can tell they play with passion.

You can download their album for a price of your choosing (support!) here.


Anonymous said...

Their members of phobia and dystopia

[destroyjudas] said...

There's a shitload of bands every one has been apart of. Including but not limited too:
Mindrot, Dystopia, Phobia, Asunder, Insidious, Dead America, Winterthrall, Eyes of Fire, Noctuary, and on and on and on and on.
We as a band encourage you to download this and make copies for all your friends. And enemies. Spread the word.