Hammer Smashed Facebook

I've created a Facebook fan page for Hammer Smashed Sound. You can "like" HSS by clicking the Facebook box on the right of the page. Updates from HSS will now appear in your Facebook news feed, giving you quicker access to the latest information that appears on our blog.


Meatbreak said...

do you think this will be worth doing? I don't even have a facebook account but I've been wondering if I should do one for the blog in case peopel actually want it. Have people been asking this from you, or are you taking a punt on it?

Chris said...

I don't plan on doing any Facebook-exclusive content, so signing up for Facebook won't be necessary.

No one has been asking for an HSS page on Facebook. I've been thinking of new things to do for the blog, and making a Facebook page seemed like a good idea, considering how prevalent it is these days. Just another tool for spreading the word on all of the exciting new stuff we post about.

Meatbreak said...

Thanks - yes, the latter part is what I was asking - about using it as another way for readers to find you, make you more accessible etc. Those are the same reasons I've been thinking for making one - a few people have asked me how to find the blog on facebook so there's a demand for it - sure there will be for you as well, even if no one's asked. Might have to commit.