Latrina Do Chifrudo

One of the best parts of doing this blog is the privilege of being exposed to all kinds of crazy and amazing music from around the world. I recently received a package form Portugal, of all places, from this independent label called Latrina do Chifrudo, which is apparently putting out some great and truly weird music.

One of the highlights of said package was this EP from Portuguese Death Metal band Ossarivm.  Killer riffs, repetitive, machine-like percussion, and filthy, guttural vocals made this supremely enjoyable. I don't personally get into a whole lot of death metal, but this was too good to ignore.

I also enjoyed this EP from the mysterious Two White Monsters Around a Round Table, who create an interesting and highly experimental amalgam of black metal and jazz, heavily focused on the jazz. The black metal influence is there, but the music can't really be called metal; regardless, this is something I strongly urge you to check out.

So do yourself a favor and head here to check out this label - there's way too much good stuff emanating from it to ignore it.

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