Mamaleek, Kurdaitcha LP

The wonderful bastards at Enemies List Home Recordings have struck gold again, this time with the newest album from San Francisco black metal band Mamaleek. The album, titled Kurdaitcha, is really a gem, as you would expect. Black metal swimming in all kinds of other influences. This band is surely one of the most original and inventive black metal acts you'll find, and that's what makes Mamaleek a breath of fresh air. This is available as a pay-what-you-want download, or if you want to really support the band and label, you can order the vinyl edition, limited to 150 copies and pressed on heavy wax.  If you're asking me, music always sounds better on wax, so go that way. And since this is a record you've got to hear, you may as well hear it in the best possible manner.  Go here to check it out and order.

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