Mount Moriah, s/t CD/DVD

Finally the day has arrived when the Mount Moriah (featuring Horseback's Jenks Miller) full-length can be pre-ordered. I can't state enough how much I love Mount Moriah's unorthodox take on American folk and country. It's more genuine and heartfelt than anything else you'll ever hear. The 2010 EP The Letting Go was one of my favorite pieces of music from last year. Only 3 songs, but 3 beautiful, soulful and catchy songs that sound like home. This release from Holidays For Quince Records features the debut full-length CD as well as a DVD of videos. I've heard a few of the tracks and they are unbelievable. This is one of my most anticipated releases for this year, so I can't wait to have this in my hands. Pre-order this now.

And if I ever have the opportunity to meet vocalist Heather McEntire, I will undoubtedly propose to her. Her voice is to die for.  <3

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