New Pre-Orders from Music Ruins Lives

Winter is over, spring has arrived. No need to worry - the fine folks at Music Ruins Lives have ushered in the Spring with two new pre-orders that you need to have.

First, these two recordings from Life in the Dark - The Sunya is Rising and Limbs in Gloom have been made available as one double CD set. Absolutely crushing, enveloping drone/metal of the highest quality. Zen Zsigo has really found gloomy brilliance here, and it's really glad to see MRL doing this justice. Both of the recordings were originally put out by Sunyata Recordings in limited quantities, so if you missed out, here is your chance to make up for that injustice. Trust me, you need this.

While we're on the topic of necessity, the Sequences/Isolated Existence split, first released late last year on cassette, is now up for pre-order in CD format, with a collaborative track exclusive to this CD release. The Sequences track can be streamed or downloaded here. Niels has outdone himself on this piece, and there's little I can say that will do justice to this amazing work of dark beauty, so you're just going to have to listen for yourself. I can virtually guarantee you'll be blown away.

Both of these releases are up for pre-order here.  You can also order the Tom Vourtsis CD and Bad Braids tape while you're there. This label has done nothing but release great music, so you should know what to expect by now.

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