News from EEE Recordings

Lots of new stuff from our friends over at EEE Recordings, including a newly designed website which makes ordering from them easier than before.  The website is very simple and straightforward - no gimmicks or flashy colors or flash presentations... just the bare necessities.

New music includes CDs from Funeral Eclipse, Oaks of Bethel, Aptrgangr, Dark Procession, and of course, Njiqahdda. There was a very limited CD from Wheel Within Wheels available as well, but that one sold out very quickly.

One of the new Njiqahdda works is a box set for the album The Path of Liberation from Birth and Death. It includes the CD, DVD, a 16-page booklet, another book of 40+ pages explaining the concept of the album, a t-shirt, a patch, stickers, and a meditation kit with incense, stones, and dirt, all housed in a hand-numbered kraft box. These will be available to order until the CDs arrive at EEE, so if you want one you'd better act now. $85 and worth every cent. Visit the new website here, and check out the Njiiijn Arts blog here.

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