NoVisible Scars

I got a package a few weeks ago (I apologize, I'm behind on this stuff, folks - a lot goes on with a newborn baby in the house) from this label I had never heard off, even though they have been distributed by some pretty big and recognizable distros (Hells Headbangers, Crucial Blast, etc.). I'm glad I took the time to listen to these tapes, because they're very enjoyable. The two I listened to are pictured above - Over is sort of a mystery, but what you'll hear on the tape is dark, electronic misery and catharsis. Apparently, it's the real deal. There's a sample on the NVS website, so check it out. No bullshit here.

The Mazakon Tactics CS is pretty damn good too. Heavy and harsh industrial that has touches of power electronics as well. This is actually an amazing tape that you really need to hear. There's an mp3 on the NVS site that you can hear, and it's pretty indicative of what is on this tape.

The feeling I get when playing these tapes is something like this: Something is amiss in the house, and it's quite obvious, but I'm not sure what it is. Whatever it is, I don't want to see it, because it is going to force me to look in the mirror and probably reevaluate things - do I want to live, or do I want to get away? I can't do both, that much is certain. I'm just gonna have to live with this hanging over me for the rest of my life... which may not be long.

In any case. these tapes are limited and in pretty nice packaging. Nothing extravagant, but the 7" covers are a nice touch. All DIY, so the label needs your support. Check it out here.

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