Pagan Flames 2011

One of HSS's favorite labels, Pagan Flames, has a good deal of amazing music on the agenda for 2011.

Coming very soon is the new album from Njiqahdda, entitled The Path of Liberation from Birth and Death. A drastic sonic departure from their previous work, it is nevertheless a stunning piece of Nji Art Magik. None of you will be prepared for what you hear, that much I can guarantee. I'm personally in love with it, and I will soon be conducting an interview with the band to talk about the record and what's going on in the Nji camp. Keep your eyes peeled.

Second, Pagan Flames will be releasing the second split between two of Louisville's finest bands - Panopticon and Wheel Within Wheels. If you're a fan of either of these bands, you will surely be floored.

Last, but certainly not least, prepare to hear the newest release from Canada's Brulvahnatu. Ambient, transcendent black metal that will hopefully drop your jaw as it did mine. I've not heard this new record yet, but I'm eagerly anticipating it. The first two Brulvahnatu albums are available from Eternal Obscurity and/or Aquarius Records and are amazing.

So hold on to your hats, Pagan Flames will be taking us all on a glorious ride this year.

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Bensmasher said...

You can now hear a sample of the new Njiqahdda album at