Xasthur, Portal of Sorrow 2xLP

What has turned out to be the swan song of the mighty Xasthur was supposed to be issued on vinyl by Hydra Head; maybe it still will be, or maybe they chickened out. Whatever the case, it is available now from NYC's Kemado Records. One of last year's best and most unique records, Portal of Sorrow provided the soundtrack to Xasthur's farewell , and a fitting one at that. While Malefic made many dark, eerie and downright haunting records, Portal of Sorrow was perhaps his most musically accomplished work, and may even provide a hint as to what Malefic's future holds, musically speaking; Xasthur is no more, but Scott Conner has said that he will not quit making music.

I don't have any details as to the specs of the vinyl, but can provide them when I receive my copy.

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