Blue Hummingbird on the Left and Caverns 7's from Final Agony

These two releases have been on the way for a while and the time has finally come that they are available.

First, the debut EP from the Black Twilight Circle's Blue Hummingbird on the Left (the the translated name of the Aztec god Huitzilopochtli). 3 songs, originally released on cassette by Crepusculo Negro, which is co-releasing this 7" with Final Agony. This is the first vinyl release for CN, and comes with an 11 x 17 poster.

Second, a 7" of raw, cold black metal originally released on CS by Parasyte Curse in 2006. Of the three songs that were on the tape, 2 are here (tracks 1 and 3). This features new artwork and is limited to 125 hand-numbered copies.
Go to Final Agony Records to get one or both. Or you, can later go to the Vukub Kaquix store (I assume it will be on there later), and pick up the BHOTL tape along with a bunch of new t-shirts and tapes by Dolorvotre, Shataan, Tukaaria, and many others.

I assume both of these will sell pretty fast, so hustle if you're interested.


Grimlin said...

didnt CN release the Live Ritual LP by Volahn?

Krumbled Kookie said...

Yeah, my mistake.