Echtra, Paragate

It's very difficult for me to talk or write about Echtra. The things I experience when hearing Echtra's music is intense and otherworldly. I have not yet heard this release, and had no idea it was even available until I happened upon a write-up at The Inarguable, but it is guaranteed not to disappoint. I don't even feel right saying something like that about Echtra, because it just sounds preposterous. This is more than music. Or, perhaps this is the height of music and its ability to convey and express things that find no words. This is the Earth rising into the souls of mortals and giving impetus to things long since dormant. Echtra is a breath of life.

You can buy the CD from Temple of Torturous; you are hereby encouraged to do so.

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stevechapman07 said...

this is new to me.The stuff I found on myspace and youtube left me speechless.A breath of life indeed.