Ecocide, Self Titled LP

Not much to say about this one. The band Ecocide hails from San Antonio, Texas. They put out a demo in 2007, and a single in 2008, and this is their first release since then. They play epic crust/sludge that is outstanding, in the same vein as Nux Vomica or Dead to a Dying World. Atmospheric and heavy as hell, with vocals, female and male alike, that will at once destroy you and make you fall in love. What I love about this music is that it while it forces us to recognize that our society is a fucked-up, overwhelmingly horrible place, there are still fragments of beauty to be found within it, sometimes right before our eyes.

This is only available as a download from the band's Bandcamp page right now, but will soon be out as a 12" vinyl.

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