Hallowed Butchery, Grazing Upon Fields of Envy Free Download

Mr. Ryan Scott Fairfield, also know as that fine purveyor of cosmic doom metal Hallowed Butchery, has put up an unreleased demo on his Bandcamp page. It was recorded last summer, originally intended for a side project, then a split, but scrapped due to the evolving nature of Mr. Fairfield's music. Good stuff coming from Hallowed Butchery this year, including a couple of splits and a new full-length, so stay alert. HSS will obviously keep you posted.


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†HAXAN† said...

Speaking of free stuff.. i dunno who or where to send this so i hope some of you guys get this:

You guys dig TOMBS?
This is a project from Mike Hill from Tombs, its a one track of dark ambient stuff, im digging it. Feel free to share if you want it.


And keep up the good work, i'm lovin' HSS since i found it.



The Path Less Traveled Records said...

I heard that Mike Hill had a few things going on. Very fucking cool.